Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cross Country

Today was Cross Country. Here are some pictures of us in action:

Year two winners.

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Zari won the Year 2 girls' race by a very impressive margin!

And Thea was pretty close behind in second place.

Ameliah has wings on her feet.

Isla had an excellent style.

Rlee ran a determined race.

Shriya ran extremely well.

The winning trio

Nicholas got his speed up down the last hill.

Blake ran swiftly down the hill.

No flies on Aryan!


  1. Wow you all look pumped and ready to go before you went to race. You all look pretty tired when you're coming down that hill. I liked how you all went out there and did your best. My favourite part about cross country is finishing.

    Ailish Room 11

  2. Wow that's amazing running around the school and really fast running. I wonder who's the fastest in your class? Also who is the best at long distance? Try to keep a good pace and keep up the awesome running. Max Room 11