Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Colour Symphony

We did an amazing science experiment this week.
We are also doing explanatory writing.
Here is Zari's explanation of our experiment:

The ingredients are: whole milk, food colouring, a dish, some liquid soap.

 First you get your milk and put it in the dish so it covers the bottom. Then get three little bottles of food colouring and drop 6-8 drops of it in there.

 Then drip your liquid soap into it and watch it dissolve.

We tried putting a piece of paper into the liquid to see if the cool design on the surface of the water would come off on the paper. But it didn't really work.

Look at the wonderful design when we gently ran a straw through it.

We learned that the main job of liquid soap is to go after fat and break it down. That's why you need whole milk, so that the fat in the milk reacts with the liquid soap. While the soap is trying to break down the fat, it causes the colours to spread about and mix, creating an artistic display.


  1. WOW
    I Would like to do that that is AWESOME

  2. WOW

    The experiment was so COOL! I wish I could do that one day. Keep up the good work from Dakota Room9