Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Inspiring ideas and humble pumpkins

We never thought pumpkins could be so much fun until this year.
For the Harvest Festival Room 13 made pumpkin chips. We harvested some of the pumpkins from the Kitchen Gardens.

We cut the pumpkins up.

And we baked the pumpkin chips in the oven with oil and salt.
They were delicious!
Here is the table with beautiful plates of food made from the things we grew.

Here's another dish made from pumpkins. Pumpkin pie!
Most children really liked the pumpkin pie made by Room 14.

 Pumpkin Festival at Hamilton Gardens

We entered Room 13s  and Room 4s pumpkins in the Hamilton Gardens Pumpkin Festival.
Check out the competition!

There was a section for carved pumpkins. This one was done by Hukanui School. They won first prize.

A pumpkin snake!

Holy moley!!!!!!
These were the two giant enormous stupendous amazingest pumpkins.


Hey! Where's our mum?!

Room 4 won second prize for the best shaped pumpkin.
And last, but certainly not least, here is Room 13s pumpkin in the heaviest pumpkin competition. Ours is the one smiling hopefully at the end. As you can see, we didn't win a prize. ......

But hey! Watch this space next year!!!!!!!!

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