Monday, March 24, 2014

World famous at Hamilton East School Giant Pumpkin competition

Yes folks, the time has finally come to reveal which class grew the heaviest pumpkin in our school giant pumpkin competition!
Last week we harvested the pumpkins and displayed them in the window of the resource room.
Then we started a competition to see who can guess the weight of the pumpkins.

Hmmm......... verrrrry tricky! How much does a pumpkin weigh?

The pumpkins varied greatly in size and weights.

Room 13 children carried the lighter ones to the resource room.
But we had to get Dugan to bring the heaviest ones in the wheelbarrow. The smallest ones were still pretty heavy!

Then on Friday at Positive Assembly we had the weigh-in.

Here are the pumpkins ready to be weighed.
Friday was also Race Relations Day and Room 13s entry into a poster competition called I am Aotearoa is displayed on the wall above the pumpkins.

 The three heaviest pumpkins were grown by Room 4, Room 9 and Room 13. 

Here's Ms Jones and Dugan weighing Room 4s pumpkin. It weighed 29 kilos!
Room 9 and Room 13s pumpkins were too close to call. About half the school thought Room 9s was the heaviest. 
Here is Room 13s pumpkin on the scales. It weighed 37.25 kilos.
Room 9s was 36.75.

 Oh, so close!!!! 

Room 13 won the giant pumpkin competition 2014 by half a kilo!

The winners of the competition will be announced at Positive Assembly this Friday. 

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  1. Great job, Room 13! You've done really hard work growing the pumpkin. I think it would take more than two Room 13 kids to carry that.
    Allyana Room 11