Monday, February 24, 2014

Pumpkins and sunflowers

We have been watching the pumpkins growing. It is hard to know which one will win the pumpkin competition. Here's ours:

Our pumpkin is probably as big as it is going to get. It is pretty enormous!

Room 5 seem to have twins!
Here is another glorious view of Room 13s pumpkin.

This is Room 4s. It has slowed down a bit and we think ours has overtaken it in size.

This one is behind the hall. We are not sure which class it belongs to. Can any blog readers recognise it as theirs?

The butterfly garden has some huge sunflowers growing in it. We are  learning to take photos of them. Here are some taken by Room 13 children:




Here are our pastel drawings of sunflowers:

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