Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back in business in 2014

Welcome back to school everybody! 

We're off to a  busy start after a lovely long summer holiday. Ms Jones was very happy to see everyone again.

Most of the children in Room 13 this year were in Room 13 last year.

Last year we were a Year One class. We were in Kowhai Team. Now we are Year Two and we are in Totara team.  Being in Totara Team means we are allowed to play down on Putikitiki at lunch time. 

Here we are checking it out.

We are very excited to have two Masters students from the university working with us this year. They will  spend four days every other week in our class, helping us to learn and learning to be teachers at the same time. They are called Ms Scot and Mrs Mackie.

Here is Ms Scot
Here is Mrs Mackie

 Mrs Mackie is  reading a story

We wrote letters to Ms Bobsien to ask if the Totara team sandpit could get more sand and a shade cloth cover to keep the sun off on hot days.

Ms Scot is playing Fish with some children

We are learning to use our Listening Post

Amazing! The same day we wrote to Ms Bobsien asking for more sand for the Totara sandpit a whole load arrived!
As you can see, we have a great view of the sandpit from our deck.

There are some changes in Room 13 this year. Two bean bags, for example.

Wow! The pumpkins have taken over the kitchen gardens
 The mobile dental clinic is at school. Room 13 went for a tour. We were the first class to have our teeth checked.

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  1. What a great class of learners. I like the photos taken in the garden , I think the pumpkins are very enthusiastic growers !!!