Sunday, November 3, 2013


Here's a mystery. Pippa gave us this wooden object. We wondered what on earth it could be.

Kenneath thought it might be a knife holder.
Devon wondered if you keep letters in it.
We did some research and found out that Project Echo is an organisation that looks after bats in Hamilton.

Yes! There are bats living in Hamilton! 

(but not the vampire variety)

So, the wooden object is a bat house! 

The bats crawl up inside to sleep.

Here's what we wrote about bats.

Whaea Sarah told us she used to teach children about bats when she worked at the Museum. She told us bats like living high up in dense trees.

We decided the big Totara tree below our classroom would be an ideal place for bats to live so we got Dugan to climb up and put the bat house up in the tree.

We can keep an eye on it from the balcony of Room 13 and see if any bats move in.

Next time you're walking down the hill, have a close look and see if you can see the Bat house.

More importantly, see if you can see evidence of any bats!


  1. I was shown this the other day when I dropped a Mr room 13 off to school - very exciting!!! I found these on the computer this morning and thought about you all as well

  2. Those were some good bat story's room13 tell us if you ever find any bats looking for a good home.
    Won't the bats mind being at school with all the noise with their sensitive hearing?
    from Chloe room10

  3. I can't wait to watch the bats flying in to the Bat house.

  4. That's a really strange-looking object! I love the stories you guys have written. Are there any bats in the bat house yet?
    Rebecca Rm8

  5. Those are wonderful pictures of bats they are so cute and wonderful little stories to go with them.

  6. I'd like to see one hanging on my tree at night.

    from: Denver and Isikeli

  7. Hi room13,
    You now a lot about bats room13.
    Those are some really great stories to.
    All your stories are great.

    From Cheyanne Room12

    from Cheyanne room 12