Sunday, October 27, 2013

Giant pumpkin competition

Can you believe this is a REAL pumpkin???
Hamilton East School is having a giant pumpkin growing competition. This is what we hope to beat!

This what inspired us. Early this year  Dugan brought a giant pumpkin in to show us.

We thought it was amazing. We also thought it would be fun to grow one ourselves.

Room 13 planted the Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds that Ms Jones brought back from America.

We gave each one a pot, and labelled them.

When they got big enough to plant we gave one to each class.

Let the competition begin!


  1. Good luck with your pumpkin growing competition! I hope you can grow one as enormous as the one that was brought in earlier in the year!

  2. They are so big they look bigger then you.!! We can't wait to put our pumpkin in our garden.

    Amber room12

  3. Aww I would love a big pumpkin to carve for next year.
    Alena uluakiola