Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Frogs and chicks

 Day two in Room 13s chicken farm and menagerie. Here is Tahi wondering when breakfast will be served.

 They are starting to eat and run about a bit more.

Not to be outdone by chicks, our frogs are also thriving. They quickly turned from tadpoles into frogs. Here is one, waiting for a fly.

Have a close look at our frogarium. How many frogs can you spot? There are four. The fifth one must be hiding. 


  1. Oh Room 13 Tahi is so so cute! Does he like the mash Ms Jones got for him to eat? What does Tahi think now that all the other eggs have hatched? Does she try to boss the others?
    I can't believe you also have frogs now too! Room 4 will have to come for another visit.
    From Anna

  2. Grandad Phil (Pippa's dad) and I (Georgia) have just had a look at all your chicken photos. We like the way you love your chickens. Keep up the good work scientists. From Georgia and her Grandad.