Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day three in chicksville

Tahi and Rua explore the world of Room 13
Our chicks are getting very active. We have had a LOT of visitors coming to see them.



We knew the twelth egg was not alive because the egg had started smelling rotten. So we took it outside and opened it to see what was inside. ....

Ms Jones chipped off the outside shell. Inside was a tough skin.

When we opened the egg it has a little dead chick inside it. 

There was something very strange about the egg.  chick was deformed. It had four legs!
We buried it in the butterfly garden.


  1. Poor chick, it is so sad it was deformed :(

    From Lucy
    Room 8

  2. Dear Room 13,

    It is very sad to hear about the last egg. At least the others are fine.They look cute!!!

    from Tobias and Sam

  3. Poor chick i wish it was a live
    By Ruia

  4. Hi room 13

    I like your chickens. I am so sorry the 12th chick was deformed. I hope you are taking care of them very well.


  5. Hi Room 13l chicken Room13 were you sad when it died?

    Ezekiel Room10

  6. Hello room13
    It's Alexis you have some cool chicks.
    Sadly the last one is dead
    From Alexis

  7. I feel so sorry for the little chick that die.

    Afifah room11