Monday, September 10, 2012

Swan plants

We collected some swan plant seeds from some plants we saw below our deck on the bank.
Here they are in their seed pods.

We got some peat pots and filled them with potting mix.

We carefully sorted out the swan plant seeds and planted them in our pots.

We put our name on our pot.

Here are our pots sitting on the window sill in the sun. Their seeds are germinating.

We put the left over seeds into a potting tray and left it on the deck for the sun and the rain to germinate the seeds.

 How long with the seeds take to germinate? We have written our guesses on a chart. How long do YOU think they will take? Send us a comment and let us know what your estimate is.


  1. Hi! Room 13,
    I like your plants. They look cool. I want to see how they grow.
    From Katelyn
    Room 4

  2. I can't wait for the swan plants to be big enough for the garden . i love watching the children watching the caterpillars and butterflies. Pippa