Wednesday, August 29, 2012



You might have noticed two little faces peering out Room 13's window. They are not children!! They are Jack and Lizzie, two wheat-heads. They are cousins of Peter and Bella who used to be in Room 5.
Here they are - Jack (on the left) and Lizzie when they were only a few days old. Can yo see their hair starting to grow?

Wow! Only a week later and look at these green-haired wheat-heads! 
They are fun to watch and very easy to make. Here's how:

How to make a wheat-head person

You will need:

Cheesecloth or some soft cloth with a wide weave so the wheat can grow through. (You can buy it cheaply from David's Emporium).

Sphagnum moss (from a garden centre)

Wheat (I get mine from the supermarket but its in a big bag for chicken food so if you talk to Miz Jones she might give yo a small amount).

Rubber bands

Eyes (either draw them on or buy some from Spotlight or David's Emporium) You can also draw on the mouth.

A glass or jar for the wheat-head to sit in.

How to make the wheat-head:

Lay out a square of cheesecloth and put a handful of wheat in the middle.
Put a fistful of sphagnum moss on top of tie it up in a roughly head shape.
Put the rubber band round the neck.
Pull bit out for ears and nose and tie with rubber bands.
Stick or draw eyes and a mouth onto the face of your wheat-head.
Moisten it and fill a glass or jar of water.
Put wheat-head into the jar of water.

That's it! Easy peasy!
If the head flops you can make a cardboard or plastic collar for it.
I have a spray bottle of water to give it a shower each morning.

They need sun and warmth and plenty of conversation.


  1. Wow!!! Was it hard making it? Their hair grows quite quick.
    Thanks for teaching me how to make it I might make one sometime.

    Rebecca Room 8

  2. I would love to make one and especially see yours.
    Makaela room8

  3. Wow, that looks so cool how you have used plants for their hair.
    I wish could do that.

  4. I made one in the holidays. Mine has no hair yet even though I made mine in the first week.

  5. WOW! That looks amazing room13. They look cool with the frogs tank.Phillip room8