Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mosaic Pavers

Last year the children in Room thirteen designed and made some garden pavers.  We were very lucky to get the materials all donated.  Unfortunately the pavers could not be placed into the garden as the Property Committee had not decided where they wanted them to go.  This year all of Totara Team got to lay their pavers.  We took our pavers down to the kitchen garden where we lay them in the ground.  We dug up some ground the depth of the pavers and then we put the pavers in the ground.  We had to check the pavers were even by lifting them up and filling in the gaps with dirt.  Then we put the pavers back on top and pushed them down.  The gaps between the pavers were then filled up with soil.  Finally we jumped up and down on the pavers to make sure they were secure.

Here are our pavers.  What do you think of them?

Unfortunately we placed our pavers in the wrong place so Dugan has moved them behind the hall into the kitchen garden.  If you have time go and look at them.  They look great!

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