Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being Ready to Learn

We all discussed what we thought 'Being Ready to Learn' meant and wrote down our ideas.  We thought about what we needed to do before class started, during our class time, and after school, to be ready to learn.  We also discussed what 'Being Ready to Learn' would look like, sound like, feel like, and think like.

We decided we might need some help remembering some of the things we needed to do, when we arrived at school, to help us to be ready to learn so we made up a 'STOP' sign.  We have placed our sign just inside the classroom so we see it when we arrive at school, and on the door leading onto the deck where we hang our bags.  We will look at it to remind us of all the things we need to do.  

What do you think of our sign?


  1. I think it's a great sign, helps us to be focused learners. And I like your blog Room 13. Discuss with Ms Nicholson how to keep safe online - one thing is to not put your names under your photos. The post farewelling Jasmine is ok as she is leaving but otherwise we do not want to identify ourselves too openly on the internet. Keep blogging! Ms Nagels

  2. We discussed your post Ms Nagels and these are the things we came up with for Cyber Safety:


    • Have a password on your sites so only the people you give the password to can see it.
    • Check the privacy settings on your sites so that only those you want can see it.
    • Always check (maybe with a parent or adult) before clicking.
    • Do not give out any personal details – names, addresses: where you live or go to school, age, clubs you belong to, etc
    • Have your computer in the lounge area where parents can see what you are looking at.
    • Do not give out your email address to anyone you do not know.
    • Only belong to sites that are of your age – facebook and bebo is for 13yrs plus not for our age.