Saturday, September 2, 2017

Lambchops and Jerry abroad

Hi Room 13. Lambchops here!

Jerry and I are at the Argyle Luxury Spa Resort. I've been here before but Jerry hasn't.
It's AWESOME! Except I didn't really enjoy my wash.
Ms Jones brought us here because SOMEONE from Room 13 disobeyed the rules and took me out into the playground and dropped me in the mud! (I won't tell on you, Matariki). So we got brought to the spa and here I am, clean and feeling very fresh. Jerry didn't have to go through the ordeal of being put in the washing machine.
But I did. I'm still feeling dizzy but life is good. Now.
Here is me and Jerry at Ms Jones's house. 

Here's a close-up of how dirty I am. This wasn't my fault. Someone dropped me in the mud.

I'm not proud to say I was very upset about being put in the washing machine. It was really awful.

But here I am drying out on a chair. with my mate Jerry close by.

Here is Jerry  saying encouraging things to keep my spirits up while I get over being in the washing machine.

Now you're talkin'! This is wonderful. On my back in front of the fire feelin' GOOD!

My best friend Jerry is enjoying the fire with me. 💜💗
Well, that's it for now, Room 13. I'll be back in touch when the next exciting thing happens.
Remember, work hard, do what Ms Jones says and most importantly, KEEP CALM AT ALL TIMES.
We'll be back very soon.
Lots of love!  Lambschops and Jerry  💜💛💙💗💟

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  1. Hi Room 13
    We loved reading about your adventures Lambchops. It reminded us of having fun jumping in the puddles and getting all muddy. We wonder if you are back at school yet Lambchops?