Saturday, November 5, 2016


Ms Jones saw a Blackbird get hit by a car while she was walking to school.
She brought the dead Blackbird to school so we could look at it up close. Usually we just see birds in the distance.

We examined its wings. It has long pin feathers and shorter downy feathers.

The body is covered with soft downy feathers.
It has three toes pointing forwards and a long toe behind to help it grip branches.

We talked about how the wings enable the bird to fly.
We  think the reason that birds can fly so well is because they are very light and their wings beat the air the way our arms beat the water when we swim. We use our arms in water keeps up afloat.
Birds use their wings in the air to keep them aloft.

We decided to bury it in the Butterfly Garden.

We placed it in the hole and covered it with earth.
We marked the spot and decided to dig it up later in the year to see if it has left a skeleton.

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  1. I wonder how the black bird died?
    I wonder what area you found it in?
    By Waimaria Rm9