Sunday, May 1, 2016

River Walk

Here are some pictures of our river walk last term, and our writing about the walk.

We went to see two historic boats that are an important part of Hamilton's past - The Rangiriri, which was built to be a gunboat, but spent its life carrying freight and goods up the river, and Te Winika, a waka, that is in the Museum.

In Memorial Park

Isla: Yesterday our class went for a walk to the museum. First we saw Rangiriri the gunboat. It is the oldest surviving paddle steamer. The Rangiriri was built to be a gunboat but the war was already over so it spent its life pulling big barges. Then we walked over the bridge and saw Te Winika.
Te Winika has two big round eyes and they have feathers.

Karannpriett: On the walk to the museum I saw a red bucket in the river. Then we went inside the museum. We saw the waka. It was exciting.

Blake:  We went to the museum. I saw some pigeons under the bridge. We saw the waka Te Winika. It had two round eyes and they had feathers around the eyes. I like the trees by the river.

Teegan: People used the river for a road before they had roads.

We were very interested in the passing kayaks

Thea: Te Winika the waka was once in the land wars. There was another ship called the Rangiriri but it was too late for the war.
Here is the hull of the Rangiriri

Evanijah: The Rangiriri sat in the mud for a hundred years and we saw the rest of it on the riverbank.

D-Sharn: The Rangiriri lay on the riverbank for a hundred years.

Te Winika in the Waikato Museum

Rongo: Yesterday my class went to the museum. We saw Te Winika. At the front there were eyes made out of white feathers. The waka was ginormous. I was amazed.  The walk was painful for my legs.

Zari: Yesterday we had our river walk. We walked to the Museum. We saw Te Winika. She has two round feathered eyes. She is beautiful! Te Winika was once in a war. The waka is very old.

Lunch below the museum by the river

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