Monday, February 8, 2016

A new year

Hello and welcome to Room 13s blog.

This year we are part of Totara Team. We are mostly Year 3 learners but there are also some Year 2 children in our class. We are  six or seven years old.

Important things to remember as we set up our school year:

  • We need to get our stationery bought and into the classroom.
  • We need our togs because we swim almost every day. We can leave our togs at school during the week as we have a great deck for drying them ready for the next day's swimming.
  • We need to complete our homework sheet about our names so they can go up on the wall with our photo.

We will start bring home reading books next week as well as a homework book to learn things like our basic maths facts and spelling words.

Here are some photos of us doing things in our classroom.....


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