Monday, November 16, 2015

Enviroschools end of year celebration

Room 13 and some of Room 11 students went to Mystery Creek last week to represent Hamilton East School at the end of year Enviroschools celebration. There were children from schools all over the Waikato.

Each school was asked to present something that their school is doing.

We gave a presentation on making compost.
here we are arriving at the celebration
We went into the big pavilion

We really liked all the olden days things at Mystery Creek. here we are at the Garage.

Hmmm. I wonder if this might be a useful item for our school?

Here we are presenting our compost item to St Francis school.

We took examples of compost to show how it breaks down from food scraps to compost.

We invited the children to practice sketching insects that live in compost bins.

We took some slaters and worms and earwigs to look at.

Back in the pavilion there was a Wearable Arts show.
This dress was made from toilet rolls.

Here's the tin man and the scarecrow.

It was a great day out at Mystery Creek

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