Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Nurturing Papatuanuku

Welcome back to our blog in term 4.

We have been busy since coming back to school after the holidays.
We are studying the natural world this term.
We are planting seeds and caring for our gardens.

Here are some photos of the things we have been doing so far this term.

Planting Seeds

We collected sweet pea pods at the end of last summer.
Today we got the seeds out and planted them in pots.

Here we are planting sunflower seeds we also collected last summer.

We are also planting giant pumpkin seeds
that we collected from our pumpkins last summer.


Shriya brought some sunflower seeds to school
that she brought from home.

We put some bean seeds in a glass viewer so we can watch then sprout through the glass.

Butterfly Garden

In the holidays the gardens around the school got some lovely new edges.

Dugan got some garden mix today and we spread
it in the Butterfly Garden.



We weeded and tidied the garden. It looks really good.

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