Friday, August 7, 2015


As part of our  We can make it  focus, as well as our study of the planets, we have been making rockets.

First we collected toilet roll  kitchen paper tubes. 
We had so many we had a competition to see who could guess the number.
Our estimates ranged from 20 to 1010.
We counted fifty of them and then made another estimate.
There were 104 tubes altogether!!!
Thea had the closest estimate of 103.
Poukupenga was second with 102.
Lydia and Cassia were third equal with 101.

Step one - paint the tubes .......


As you can see - lots of tubes!

 Step two - assemble our rockets.

 Here are some of the finished ones.


Now watch this space ....
Next week we will make some rockets in plastic bottles and use vinegar and baking soda to blast off to the planets!

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