Saturday, June 6, 2015

Monarch butterflies

Room 13 has a close relationship with the butterfly garden. Ms Daniels brought some of the caterpillars and chrysalis's inside in term two because it was getting cold and wet. Maybe the caterpillars would have a better chance of turning into butterflies if they were inside the classroom.
Well, they did, and here is some art inspired by the beautiful butterflies.

First we drew a butterfly in pencil
Then we enlarged our sketches and used creative paint to make a raised outline in black.

We cut out our butterflies

...then painted them with dye


  1. Cool butterfly room13. They are really cool, are you going to put them up in your class room? It will be really cool if you do Erana room15

  2. Hi Rm13 those butterflies are so cool. rm 15 Quartez.

  3. hello I love your artwork I think its for the art exhibition cool I love all of them I love the wings.

    by pawanjit room11