Monday, April 27, 2015

Term 2

Room 13 had a great holiday and came back to school to work with their reliever teacher Ms Daniels, and Whaea Katrina. Ms Jones is away recovering from ankle surgery.

To mark Anzac day, they made Anzac biscuits. Here are some photos of the process .....









Meanwhile, Ms Jones has been adjusting to a very different pace of life, with her leg up on the couch. She had her ankle fused because she damaged it in a motocycle accident fourteen years ago. Now she has a bone graft and some metal plates and screws which mean she will have a bionic ankle when it all heals up. It will take a long time. Ms Jones is not allowed to put any weight on her ankle for six long weeks.

Here is a photo of her blue plaster cast with a toe cosy to keep her toes warm.

The best part of not being able to walk is the cool knee scooter she was given to get around.

What a brilliant invention. Ms Jones can't wait to come to school and show the children.

Meanwhile, at the end of last term the giant pumpkin that was grown last summer and carved to look like a taniwha. was laid to rest with Oscar and Elmo, the two bush-heads in the Butterfly garden. Here they are enjoying the peace of two weeks holidays.

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  1. Good Job. What ingredients did you use?

    James B Room 15