Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 4

We've had such a busy week.

Here are some of the things we have been doing:

Buddy reading with Room 11

Every Friday we spend half an hour with our buddy class. We read together, sing songs, and draw. Room 11 are Year 5 and 6 children.

We explored the kitchen garden. It is a wilderness with the hugest sunflowers we have ever seen. We measured one. it was nearly four metres tall!!!!!

We picked beans.

We carefully looked at the sunflowers so we could draw them in Kidpix.

We picked basil to make pesto.
Whaia Katrina stepped us through the recipe to make salsa

In the Cool Kids Kitchen  Angelo cut the cherry tomatoes for salsa.

Here is our pesto and salsa, with pita bread.
Everybody enjoyed tasting the pesto and salsa. The basil was spicy from the garlic.


Whaia Katrina made Fruit Dream. It was made from frozen strawberries, eggwhites and sugar. MMMMMMmmmmmm! Delicious.

Angelo took us for fitness.

 We wrote about picking food in the kitchen garden.


  1. Wow Room 13 you have been busy. I remember the first time you walked though the door to Room 11 for the first buddy class for 2015, And what is Fruit Dream is it a cake or a Ice-cream? Keep Learning and have fun.

    From Tylah-Dawnn Room 11

  2. Wow room 13 I like your writing.Your writing gives me enough information to know what you did.From jubilee rm11

  3. wow! room 13 you have been busy.
    Maraea Rm11

  4. I like your great work at writing and lots of stuff KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    By Taonga

  5. Wow we are such a great buddy class doing all those things with you.
    By Courtney room11

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  7. I loved,reading and looking at photos of your busy week of learning. I see you all quite often, however I didnt know you had fitted all those things into your week ! Pippa

  8. I LOVE your stories. I also love your tomatoes. I hope you had fun. From Maree. Room 15.