Friday, October 17, 2014

Term 4

Welcome back to school. 
Its  the last term of the year.

Room 13 are off to a busy start. 

It's spring, so we are  weeding, growing seeds, and preparing the school gardens for planting summer gardens.

We grew sweet peas. Here they are ready to plant.

We cut some bamboo to make a frame for the sweetpeas to grow up.

Here they are in the ground.

This is the bamboo climbing frame for the peas to hold onto when they grow tall.

Remember the giant pumpkin competition last year?

                                                                  (Room 13 won)

Well, we have started germinating the seeds we saved from the pumpkins last year so we can run the compeition again this year.
Here they are, breaking through the potting mix. Come and check them out as they grow on Room 13's windowsill.

Last term we made clay pots and masks. It was a very popular activity. They are drying and waiting to be fired. We will take them to Cathy's place laster this term. Cathy's husband is a potter and he has a kiln.

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