Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tane Mahuta Day

Friday was Tane Mahuta Day.
We  sketched the Kauri tree with our buddy class




Then we weeded the kitchen garden.

We found lots of bean seeds. We are going to save them and plant them in the spring

Room 12 children are pulling out the dead bean vines.

This round garden has potatoes under the ground and a swan plant above.
Last summer it grew a giant pumpkin. 

Look at the assortment of seeds we collected.
Some of the bean seeds have sprouted.

We found giant worms in the garden. 
This shows how healthy the soil is.

Look what was lying quietly underneath the weeds!

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  1. Magdalena - Dear Ms Jones we all hope your coming tomorrow. I miss you,we want you back Olive in our class. You are the best teacher in
    the universe. I hope you are tucked in bed.