Monday, August 5, 2013

Ms Jones at large

Ms Jones went to Scotland for the last three weeks of Term 2. Here are some photos of her trip.
Here is Ms Jones leaning on a special standing stone that was put there by people four thousand years ago. It is the middle of summer in Scotland but you wouldn't think so. It was freezing! 

This is an ancient bridge. Only for pedestrians with good balance!
The water in the streams is brownish black because it runs through peat.
If you google peat you will find out that it is not just a man's name.
Scotland is full of castles. This one is where Ms Jones' ancestors lived long ago. They were the Clan Buchanan, och aye.

You didn't know Fawlty Towers was in Scotland did you! Ms Jones stayed here near Loch Awe. It rained all the time and there were otters in the stream. No sign of Basil or Sybil though.
This is a gate, Scottish style.
It allows people to walk through, but not fat sheep.

They don't get much sun in Scotland. Here is a very pale fellow I met along the way in Edinburgh.


  1. Hi Ms Jones, we enjoyed looking at your photos and reading about your trip.

    We found out that peat is 'A brown, soil-like material characteristic of boggy, acid ground, consisting of partly decomposed vegetable matter'.

    Some of us think we could cross that bridge without falling in!

    Was that guy really invisible? How did he do that?

    From Room 10

    1. Great research Room 10! Did you know that in the old days the Scots used to burn peat on their fires?
      That guy actually is a very short person with an eyehole in his jacket and a fake pretend face on the top.