Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Corn fritters

We made corn fritters for the harvest festival.

 We took the husks off the corn cobs.....

 We followed the recipe to make the fritters

Look how much fresh corn we cut from the cobs!

We put flour and eggs in a bowl and added the cron.
Mmmmmm, here are the cooked fritters ready to go out to  the harvest table.

What a magnificent feast we had!


  1. "Hi" Room 13 corn fritters were so nice

    From natasha in room 11

  2. They look yummy to eat. I wish I was there to make them. Was it fun to make them?

    From Xiomy :)

  3. They look very very yummy.I'm sure it's tasty too.
    Rafeea room12

  4. They look very very yummy.I 'm sure it's tasty too. Rafeea Room12

  5. I like the Harvest Festival.
    From, Ashaar
    Room 5