Monday, March 18, 2013

Last day of school for the chickens

The chicks are almost a month old. The time has come for 13's Eleven to graduate from the Kowhai team. Tomorrow we are taking them to Ms Jones' place, where there is a proper chicken coop for them to live in. Every night we have had to bring them inside from their pen on Room 13 deck and they are getting too big to keep doing this (and Ms Jones has had enough of being mother hen).
Have a look and see how they are growing into young adult chickens.

This fat little chick is making rows of new feathers on its tummy where its baby fluff used to be. 

Here they are in their day pen on the balcony of room 13. They  eat and drink most of the day

Tahi's last day at school

Nobody touches the comb!

We haven't only been busy keeping chickens. Check out the wonderful patterns  we have made:

We have also been sketching the magnificent sunflowers in our Butterfly garden outside Room 13.

Can you see the face hiding in this bush?

                                Here are some photos taken by Room 13 children:


  1. We are sad to see the chickens go from your deck Room 13 but it's very exciting that we are able to come with you to deliver them to their new home!

    They have learnt many things since they first hatched. I love seeing them perch on the branch with their big feet.

    Ms O'Neil

  2. That was so much fun. The chickens are growing fast. The chicken run is looking fantastic. The chicken must be loving their new house. From Xiomy