Monday, September 12, 2011

Signatures from the All Blacks

At Rebel Sport there were heaps of people lined up to get the All Blacks autographs.  The line went from the All Blacks tables right around the store and all the way out the door.

But look who was first!

She took her teddy bear for the All Blacks to sign.
Ben Franks signed it along with Sonny Bill Williams, Conrad Smith, and Isaia Toeava
Don't you wish you'd been there?


  1. WOW! You are so lucky to have met the All Blacks. What a good idea to get your teddy bear signed.
    Were they nice? Are they excited about their next game against Japan?
    The All Blacks are staying in a hotel across the river from our school. We would love to meet some of the players too.
    Go the ALL BLACKS!
    From Room 14
    Hamilton East School

  2. Awesome Felicia can you get the All Blacks to sign something?
    Tyrone Tobias

  3. Cool how lucky to see the All Blacks an get there Autographs. If our class i bet you most of the girls will be at Sonny Bill Williams . From Jarek

  4. Yes we would love to meet them! Were you excited to see them? How did you get to be first in the line? Were you screaming when you met them?
    From Room 10.

  5. Hi,you were so lucky to get the autographs from the All Blacks.How did you get first in line?
    I bet most of the girls in room 10 would go in S.B.W line especially Drea.
    from Sydney room 10

  6. Hello everyone, you bet I wish I were there!I have got a bit of bad news, it was on the news so you might already know but they said that the All Blacks may not be playing in the R.W.C next time because it will be to "Expensive" or so they say.It would be stink if they could not compete in the next R.W.C!
    Have to go to visit some more blogs!

  7. Hello again just forgot to say you are so lucky to be able to see the all blacks!
    Now I really have to go,
    from Penny