Monday, August 15, 2011

Makaela's Crystal

We tried out the new Mimio viewer in our classroom.  It let the whole class look close-up at Makaela's crystal.

Makaela and Tobias wrote these wonderful stories about it:
My Crystal
On the weekend I made crystals that look like the moon in the sky with lots of stars.  They are like blue hedgehogs dancing in the moonlight.  My crystals shine like a thousand stars in the sky.  They are like snowflakes falling on me.  They look like lollies covered in sugar.  Tiny blue lights shining up at the sky.  I made my crystals out of magnesium salt and for a little bit of colour I added food colouring.

Makaela's Crystal
In the weekend Makaela made some crystal out of hot water, magnesium salt, and blue food colouring.  The blue colour makes the crystal stand out lots.  The crystal looks crispy and shiny.  It is thin, spiky and sparkles when the light hits it.  I would like to have a go at making a crystal.


  1. Awesome that is so cool I wish I had a Mimio Viewer

    Jarvia Room 11

  2. It's great to see the Mimio View being used - it's great for doing look...draw...look. The crystal is fascinating. Ms Nagels

  3. Hi!
    Room13 that looks like a moon rock. It sparkles like the moonlight. You are a very talented.
    From Liz and Lacey
    Room 14