Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walking the Hamilton Bridges

It was scary.  The beam bridge was making noises.  Thump, thump, thump went the beam bridge.  The cars were travelling over the joins in the bridge.  The noise was scaring me.  I was hurrying past the beam bridge to get away from the thumps.

By Hodan

My eyes were wide open looking off the Fairfield Bridge into the Waikato River.  I was interested in the water.  While I was walking across the Fairfield Bridge I felt thrilled.  When I came off the bridge we went to look underneath the Fairfield Bridge.  The piers were gigantic!  Next we had morning tea beside the Waikato River.  I enjoyed walking across the walkway beside the Waikato River. The arch bridge was amazing because it lights up at night.  It was high up and I felt like I was a bird. 
By Tobias

I’m looking around under the bridge.  The water is moving.  The birds are sitting on the top of the bridge.  My legs are sore from walking.  It is nice to stop for a rest.
By Aldrey

Jumping quickly to the end of the bridge I went under the Fairfield Bridge and looked at it.  Poles were underneath.  I went onto a wood bridge, and we thumped and thumped.  We thumped to see if there was a troll underneath.  We went to climb some stairs and the parents came up the ramp.  We went under another bridge, which was called the Whitoria Bridge.  It was a beam bridge.  Next was Claudelands Bridge.  There was a train bridge with the Claudelands road bridge.  I noticed triangles under the road bridge.  They are trusses under the Claudelands Bridge.  They look like diamonds in the middle and when you look on the side it looks like triangles. I love going on trips.  It’s fun.
By Kiana




  1. I enjoyed reading your bridge stories and the drawings are great. Great blog Room 13. Ms Nagels

  2. I love your drawing Kiana .
    from xjaneyien.